The following retreats have been postponed.  

If you are interested in any of these retreats, please contact the retreat leader so that they may keep you posted on the new dates.  

Enjoy the tropical charm of ISTMO while practicing yoga and meditation daily, immersed in a positive and supportive group environment.

Delve deeply into your practice by devoting two weeks of your time to self-study. Learn more about the unique details of your body, the philosophy of yoga, and effective ways to instruct and share this practice with others in your community.

Casco Yoga Weekend Yoga Retreat with Maya and Edwin Davis

Join Maya and Edwin of Casco Yoga for a delicious Weekend Yoga Retreat.  

The retreat includes 4 vinyasa yoga classes and 1 workshop guided, 6 delicious meals made by Chef Sean,  jungle time and more!


Escape the city and disconnect from the world in your own cozy bungalow surrounded by nature.

There is always a moment we need to Reconnect. 

We created this Weekend Retreat to replenish during the full Moon and give the space for our body to replenish in nature.

You will be offered sweet movement, yoga, dance, introspection time, Lunar cycle guidance, inspiration on ritual, Ayurveda & time to integrate and be deeply present in mother nature.

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