Pricing or No Pricing?

Every owner and manager of a Retreat Center has  this burning question for Retreat Leaders.  So I went and ran this poll on a few Retreat Leader Facebook groups, recently.

We asked Retreat Leaders:

Do you prefer a Retreat Center to have pricing they offer Retreat Leaders published on their website, for everyone to see?

Do you prefer asking a Retreat Center to send you group retreat pricing?  This could be via filling out a form or sending them an email.

of a total of 45 Retreat Leaders who answered the question: 

36 Retreat Leaders said they prefer if a retreat center has pricing published for everyone to see, 

9 Retreat Leaders said they prefer receiving pricing privately.

While these are not scientifically significant numbers, and the actual retreat organization history of the respondents is unknown,  the numbers indicated that publicly posted pricing is preferred.  

But still, I kept wondering, 

“Are Retreat Leaders who say they prefer seeing pricing publicly, running retreats in the centers with pricing published, or are they just window shopping?”

Asked this question, just one retreat leader commented, (given people are not clamoring to comment on Facebook threads), she said guests can pay for their own travel, but when they are signing up for a retreat they are also paying for her services, which is a benefit they cannot provide themselves, and therefore, they are willing to pay more.  And we all know this is true!  

However, I did some deep digging to find out where she was hosting her next retreat, and I found out that the retreat center she was hosting her retreat at did NOT have pricing for Retreat Leaders on their website!  They asked you to send them an email to request pricing.  

So, ugh, here I am at step one again…  

I did have a couple of retreat leaders comment they like to see “base pricing” on the website so they can have a frame of reference and know if the center is within their budget.  This comment resonated with me, but I still feel it is a delicate line to walk, especially if a Retreat Center consciously did not post pricing to prevent your guests from determining how much you marked up the prices. 

And finally, over 4+ retreat leaders took time to comment (and not just vote) that they would prefer pricing was kept between retreat leaders and the retreat center.  One of the retreat leaders who left a comment along these lines was beautiful Argentina Rosada - https://www.argentinarosadoyoga.com/, who I know is a very successful retreat leader, because she hosted an amazing retreat right here at Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat, and has also done so at many other retreat centers worldwide.

So, what is an earnest retreat center owner like me to do? 

Publish pricing, or make Retreat Leaders ask Retreat Centers for it?  

If you have a chance, please do comment below and let us know your honest opinion.  And while you are at it, check out our Host a Retreat page that, for now, requires you to ask us to send you pricing.  Who knows, we may change it in the future… 

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