Maya and Edwin Davis • Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat


May 24 2019 - May 26 2019

Maya and Edwin Davis

Casco Yoga Weekend Yoga Retreat

Join Maya and Edwin of Casco Yoga for a delicious Weekend Yoga Retreat.  The retreat includes 4 vinyasa yoga classes and 1 workshop guided, 6 delicious meals made by Chef Sean,  jungle time and more! Escape the city and disconnect from the world in your own cozy bungalow surrounded by nature.

Vinyasa Yoga is a vigorous, dynamic style which links breath and movement through a sequence of postures that are linked by awareness, depth and meditative flow. Vinyasa means to flow, to stay awake, to be connected to the circular nature of things. In these classes teachers work creatively and follow the mood of the students to help determine the pace and structure of the class.

The practice allows for a personal journey through synchronized movement and breath as we come home on our mat. In order to bring attention to our practice a class begins by setting an intention. An intention, or sankalpa, is suggested by the instructor and encouraged to be interpreted to best suit one’s own personal needs, either mental or physical. This short positive statement (sankalpa) can help guide you into a deeper practice and lead to your higher potential. In vinyasa we connect breath to movement and body to mind. Every class has a unique sequence.

Teacher Bio 

Maya Davis’s dream of becoming a yoga instructor began when she first visited Nicaragua in 2009. Looking for a way to enhance her surfing performance and prevent injury, she began a daily practice of Vinyasa yoga and was immediately hooked. Not only did she see her flexibility, strength, breath and body awareness improve, but yoga provided the same meditative quality she experienced and loved when riding waves. Life took an amazing turn in December 2015 when she found a beautiful studio location in Casco Viejo, Panama City. Together with her husband and passionate yogi Edwin Davis they opened Casco Yoga in January 2016. The studio combines their dreams of teaching and practicing yoga. She holds her 200 E-RYT certification and her Mat I and II Pilates certificates. She is also a Reiki Level Two practitioner and offers private Reiki sessions.

When Edwin Davis was about 14 years old, his mother took him to my first meditation class with the intention of helping me with the physiological part of being a high performance swimmer. He remembers the words of his meditation teacher when she said “ If you ever have a dream is because the universe gave you the power to achieve it “  He started paying attention to the series of events that kept happening in his life, these events were consistent proof that the power of the mind is limitless.

During a surfing holiday in Indonesia in October 2017, Edwin ended up in hospital with a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body, that’s when he discover the tangible benefits of meditation. During this time his approach to meditation was crucial.  After almost a month in hospitals, Edwin went to a few physiotherapists for rehab and what he noticed in every single session, is that the exercises that they gave him were yoga poses that he have been doing for years. His New Years resolution for 2018 was to do at least 5 yoga classes a week and after 8 months this year, I have done more than 5 classes a week feeling better than ever.

He realized that he have a brand new life and there are many reasons to make the best of it. After seen all the miracles that his regular yoga practice did during his recovery, he decided to become a certified yoga teacher to be able to share the magic of the asanas and ultimately becoming a meditation teacher to spread the meditation practice to more people. He believes that meditation is going to be the new health revolution.

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