Julia Paddison • Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat


Feb 01 2020 - Feb 08 2020

Julia Paddison

Second Annual Yoga Retreat to Panama

Join Julia Paddison on an extraordinary journey inward; an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with yourself through the practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. We’ll spend eight days, seven nights in the beautiful country of Panama at Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat. Each day we’ll practice yoga and meditation together, and thrive on fresh, healthy, locally sourced vegetarian meals. Your belly will be feeling full, your heart feeling happy, your body feeling blissful, and your mind feeling recharged. This combination of yoga, meditation, sunshine, good food, and great company guarantees you the most incredible week in paradise!

During your week away in paradise, we want you to escape the stress of day-to-day life and allow each day to be as carefree and relaxing as possible. Istmo is only a short walk to the beach which means you can enjoy your day in the sun, lounging on the sand, or swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Or maybe you’d prefer to catch some shade while relaxing in a hammock with your favorite book. Don’t forget: naps are an important part of any vacation! For the adventure seeker, there are endless amounts of activities to keep you busy during the day, with excursion options, including surfing, use of stand-up paddle boards, cooking classes, massages, hikes, latin dance classes, day trips to local villages, and many more!

If you don’t have a friend to travel with, no problem! There are many wonderful people who are traveling alone on this trip. Please come along, enjoy, and make new friends.

Please keep in mind that the main focus of this retreat is to practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. If your idea of a great vacation involves the consumption of alcohol or other substances, this retreat is probably not the best fit for you. However, if you are looking for an opportunity to fully immerse yourself into your yoga practice, potentially deepen your yoga practice, practice meditation and mindfulness, dig a little deeper within yourself, and overall, deepen the relationship you have with yourself, this is the exact experience you have been looking for! Students are encouraged to take their yoga practice, health, and safety seriously, by not consuming alcohol (or other substances) throughout the week, as a way to ensure that this retreat is indeed an extraordinary journey inward for all participants.

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Teachers Bio

Julia first found Vinyasa Yoga in early 2011 in the midst of training for a half marathon. At the time, she was in great physical shape so she was shocked at how challenging she found yoga to be. Yoga helped her identify and heal several pain causing injuries which resulted in a much more enjoyable running experience. Besides the great physical benefits yoga provides, she was also feeling a shift in my mind; feeling less stressed, more patient, more present, more aware, and found her mind to be generally less “chatty”. It became clear that yoga was changing her life for the better.

After completing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, she was more passionate than ever about yoga and wanted to share her love for yoga with others through teaching. As a student, her teachers guided her through her practice to help her feel strong, confident, and powerful. As a teacher, she strives to help her students feel this way, too.

In 2015, she began a daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga and developed an even greater love for her yoga practice. To dive even deeper into my practice and teaching, she completed a 40 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. Her personal practice heavily influences her teaching style so you will find her classes to be traditional, with a strong focus on breath and alignment.

She is committed to providing students with an ideal environment for them to discover the beauty and power of their own practice and their own yoga.

​Certifications & Education

Julia completed my 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 at Dana Hot Yoga under the leadership of Lisa Mitchell and Rachel Hoppenstein. Additional trainings include: 40 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 with David Swenson, 32 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 with Corina Benner, and 18 hour Meditation Teacher Training in 2018 with Allison Sobel. Continuing education workshops and immersions with Kino MacGregor, David Garrigues, Kat Fowler, David Robson, Tim Miller, David Regelin, and Phillip Askew have also been highly influential to her teaching and to her practice. Additionally, she graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Are you ready to embark on this amazing adventure? Please email yoga@juliapaddison.com to reserve your spot or to request more information.