Nov 30 2019 - Dec 06 2019

SoulTribe Adventures

Yoga, Fitness & Adventure Retreat

istmo-yoga-and-adventure-retreatJoin your new SoulTribe in Panama for an equal parts relaxing and invigorating week of yoga, fitness, wilderness exploration, culture and adventure in one of the country’s undiscovered gems.

Thrill your soul and say YES to a unique adventure!

SoulTribe Adventures are perfect for solo travelers, friends and couples looking to experience something beyond just ‘going on vacation.’ We’re for people who are interested in personal growth and supportive community while connecting and challenging your body and mind. Our deal is, “you do you,” but we offer plenty of opportunities to make this an experience that will ignite positive shifts in your life.

“This experience was completely transformative to the well being of my soul. ”
— KELLY M., 2016

This hybrid adventure is perfect for someone looking for an active retreat focused on fitness, wellness, good food, awesome people and adventure with a healthy dose of much deserved down time. Enjoy soulful conversations with people from all over the world while you absorb the transformative energy that comes from being disconnected from the rest of the world for a few days.


The accommodations we select and the activities we curate may bring you out of your comfort zone, encourage you to face fears and look at how you show up to new and exciting challenges. You’ll feel refreshed, inspired, and like you’re really part of something. We show up for ourselves and for each other; we dig deep; we start to break through patterns that have kept us from our full potential; we build friendships for life and we come home transformed in some way.

Your retreat package includes all on-site group activities, local hikes, yoga, meditation, workouts, inversion workshops and unlimited use of stand-up paddle boards.

We have organized other optional but eye-opening adventures near Panama City ($150 including transportation).

Signup options for these will be emailed to you upon registration.

Teachers Bio

Nathania Stambouli

Retreat Leader & Primary Yoga Instructor – Nathania Stambouli (Retreat Leader & Yoga Instructor) – Coming from a background in fitness, Nathania stumbled into yoga by accident in 2009 and what started as a purely physical adventure became a journey towards learning to slow down, healing old wounds a experiencing profound personal transformation. Through a dedicated yoga practice and a Master’s degree in Psychology, Nat unearthed a passion for helping others believe in themselves, dare to make shifts in their lives and be unapologetically real. She believes that a strong mind-body connection with is a powerful path to self-love and understanding. Learning to explore your limits, learning to lean into instead of away from challenging moments, learning to accept what is but relish in the process of working for what you want – the lessons are endless and always applicable to life. Nat’s classes are athletic and fluid, creatively sequenced and sprinkled with playful arm balances and transitions. Expect to be inspired and to learn to laugh at yourself. Expect to discover how your time on the mat is a mirror for your life and an invaluable tool to help you become your own best supporter. Nathania owns and operates SoulPlay Yoga in Culver City, CA and has run multiple international retreats with the SoulTribe Adventures team.


Gary Leake

Retreat Leader, Fitness & Nutrition Nerd 
Gary’s story begins in college when he won the national championship in bodybuilding. During this time he began to languish away as a computer programmer and ultimately a technology manager in his day job. To spice things up, he performed and ultimately taught and directed improv comedy. At the same time he applied his knowledge and love of training and became a co-founder of the international fitness and nutrition company Metabolic Effect, leading weekend seminars both nationally and internationally as well as online seminars and trainings in fitness, fat loss, nutrition and mindset. During these 20-odd years, Gary discovered that these two worlds are not as unrelated as they may seem on the surface. The ability to stretch (both your mind and muscle), see perceived failures and mistakes as opportunities for success, the ability to laugh at yourself and to always be learning are just a few of the key skills that Gary imparts on his students and peers. Not only will you learn how to workout in the most effective manner for every situation you may find yourself in in life, but you will also learn how to progress and regress workouts to your needs, and learn about the power of the mind-muscle connections running through your body

Are you ready to embark on this amazing adventure? Please email [email protected] to reserve your spot or to request more information.