Ilene Price and Leigh Lubin • Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat


Jan 18 2020 - Jan 21 2020

Ilene Price and Leigh Lubin

SOLD OUT – Yoga & Kayak Adventures, Panama

Join us for an unforgettable & rejuvenating Coast-to-Coast Yoga and Sea Kayak Retreat in Panama

This trip offers a unique opportunity to combine yoga and sea kayaking, while discovering the diverse beauty of both coasts of Panama. Treat yourself to this dream holiday, which will rejuvenate and awaken your adventurous spirit. You’re worth it!

Yoga and Sea Kayaking – A Match Made in Heaven

This is Ilene and Leigh’s 3rd year offering this unique retreat! In addition to 9 days of exploring and deepening our yoga practice, we’ll experience both coasts of Panama, a vibrant historical part of Panama City, as well as look into the lives of the Guna, the fascinating semi-autonomous indigenous group that we’ll visit during the second part of the retreat. The retreat is comprised of two main parts; 4 days on the Pacific focusing on yoga to prepare our bodies and minds for 4 days of sea kayaking, snorkeling, more yoga, and getting to know the Guna on the Caribbean.

This trip is open to all levels of yoga practitioners and kayakers.  

Yoga on the Pacific: Find what feels good in your body, so that you can feel good moving through the world. At the heart of yoga is the management of Prana, the current of universal life force that runs through the body and animates all levels of being. The core of Leigh’s yoga practice that she will guide us in are the five movements or functions of prana known as the Vayus (literally “winds”) that govern different areas of the body and different physical and subtle activities. Leigh will teach how to incorporate the vayus into our daily lives, as well as how to connect with our subtle bodies in yoga so that we feel fluid, alert, grounded, engaged, healthy, and connected both on and off the yoga mat. This will help prepare us for the sea kayaking section.  

We’ll also have time for other activities such as SUP, massage, local town visits, surfing, relaxing in a hammock, and swimming in the ocean.

Sea Kayaking on the Caribbean: Sea kayaking is a glorious way to travel from island to island in Guna Yala (aka San Blas), where Ilene has been guiding with the Guna since 2010. From our self-propelled kayaks we feel the rocking of the ocean, the sea air whispering on the wind, the sky’s reflection in the water, and the infinite wonders below the surface: light dancing, coral swaying, and the color of reef fish. It is truly a magical connection with the energy of the earth.

We will continue to enjoy playful beach yoga sessions to stay supple and strong throughout the trip. We will also have the opportunity to participate in the daily lives of the Guna.

Yoga and sea kayaking are the perfect opportunity to sink in, revitalize, discover, and connect to yourself and the wonders of the sea!

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Teachers Bio

Ilene Price

Professional sea kayak guide and ACA (American Canoe Association) kayak instructor, Ilene has been sea kayak guiding in some of the most spectacular paddling destinations in the world since 2011: Alaska, Panama, and Patagonia. She currently spends her northern summers guiding in the waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska and her winters leading kayaking trips in the Caribbean and Pacific of Panama. Ilene first came to guide camping and sea kayaking trips in Guna Yala (aka San Blas) in Panama in the winter season 2010-2011 and immediately fell in love with the place and the people. She works very closely with the Guna, a semi-autonomous indigenous group of Panama whose territory includes 365 tropical islands, where the kayaking trips take place. Trips with Ilene in Panama offer a unique invitation into the lives of the friendly and warm-hearted Guna.

One of Ilene’s passions is sharing these beautiful places and cultures with others. Her enthusiasm and open-heartedness are contagious. Her guests often comment on how accepted she is by the Guna, some of whom have become lifelong friends. Ilene’s other passion of yoga joined her with Leigh Lubin to collaborate and offer this “dream trip” in Panama. What could be better than yoga and sea kayaking on both coasts of a diverse country!  


Leigh Lubin

Master of Arts in Teaching, ERYT200, RYT500, Leigh is an exceptional yoga teacher and a seasoned guide. Leigh has a special gift for teaching people how to access their subtle bodies and optimal alignment. Leigh has studied and practiced Iyengar, Anusara, Forrest, and Flow yoga for over 20 years. Leigh leads teacher trainings, workshops, and group classes and believes in making yoga accessible and exciting for all bodies. Expect anything from form, to flow, to energy in her dynamic, enlightening, and alignment-based classes. She is dedicated to offering yoga that creates space, ease, and stability. Her practice and teaching philosophy stems from her belief that the inner expression of asana is the most powerful and effective path towards personal growth and cultivates the strongest exterior expression of asana. Leigh is inspired to help people tap into and express their best.

Leigh has guided sea kayaking, ice travel, backpacking, team development, and naturalist adventures for all ages over the last 20 years. She trained Outdoor Professionals in the Prince William Sound College Outdoor Studies program (Alaska) and taught 6th-12th grade Science for several years. She is gifted at creating a space for self-development, community, and growth. She has a multitude of ways to connect people to their environment or subject matter. She brings this educational background to both her guiding and yoga instruction which results in deep satisfaction, understanding, integration, and inspiration in her clients and students. Come practice and play with Leigh!