Details about Extras that can be purchased by Retreat Participants or that can be added on to Retreat Packages

Food, Beverages, and Meal Times

Your meals will be served in our beautiful dining area.

Breakfast is served between 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM. 

Lunch between 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM.

Dinner between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.  

Dining area Istmo Retreat

Alcoholic beverages, sodas, smoothies, snacks, and animal protein additions are available at an additional cost. They can be included as part of your package or charged to an individual guest account.  

  • Vegetable and fruit-based smoothies - $9 per smoothie
  • Snacks - $5 per person per snack
  • Fruit Juices - $4 per juice (breakfast already includes a juice)
  • Changing a Vegetarian meal to a Seafood, Fish, or Chicken meal - $5 per person per meal.

If you would rather not have alcohol available during your retreat, we will take all our bottles off the shelves and host an alcohol-free retreat. 

Additional items you can include in your basic package:

Each retreat is unique.  Here is a list of optional additional activities you may include in your retreat or offer your guests as add-on items.  

  • Laguna de San Carlos SUP Beginners Tour- $60 per person  (minimum of 3 people).  Departure at 10at am,  return at 3 pm.  One hour drive each way, transportation and equipment included.  
  • SUP Mangroves Tour - $60 per person (minimum of 3 people).  Tide dependent 5 hours total. 1 One hour drive each way, transportation included.  
  • Embera Village Day Trip - $135 per person (minimum of 3 people).  Departure 8 am, return 5 pm, 1 hour 45 minute drive each way.  

  • Panama City Day Trip (includes Panama Canal) - $135 per person (minimum of 3 people).  Departure 9 am, return 5 pm.  1 hour 30 minute drive each way.  
  • El Valle Day Trip - $60 per person (minimum of 3 people).  Departure 10am, return 4pm.  45 minute drive each way.  

  • Surfing Classes are $60 per person/class.  Tide dependent.  7 minute drive each way, transportation included.  
  • Massage $60 per hour.
  • Visit a local beach (with restaurants and bars) and stopover at a local artisan market for $20 per person (minimum of 3 people).  Available at any time.  15 minute drive each way. 
  • Visit a local market combined with a cooking demonstration of $45/person (minimum of 8 people).  
  • One-way additional Airport/City transfer - $135 for up to 3 people, or $45/person if there are more than 3 people.  
  • Latin Dancing class $150 per class - regardless of the number of people.
  • Yoga Classes from the resident teacher - $150 per class (this can be for the entire group or as a private for individuals in the group).
  • Cooking demonstration $75 per class - regardless of the number of people.  
  • Local Beach Clean-up - A great community service activity that is always welcome and always free! 
  • If you would like to add more community service activities to your retreat, let us know and we can brainstorm some options together.  The retreat leader will be responsible to pay for any transportation or the cost of materials for community service activities.  We will be happy to help you set up details and logistics.  

The above prices do not include the 7% tax that will be added to the final bill.  

Sean and Ayesha Davis

Looking forward to working together and sharing our little piece of paradise with you! 


We are open and willing to work with you to tailor this retreat to your needs and make your retreat special and unforgettable.  

We look forward to hosting you and your amazing group!  

Contact information: info(at)IstmoRetreat(dot)com | www.IstmoRetreat.com | @IstmoRetreat 

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