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We will support you, as you create a transformational retreat experience for your community.

What Retreat Leaders are saying about hosting a retreat at Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat, Panama:

"Lush Jungle Retreat with a Warm Heart"

Jennifer Whitney, Retreat Leader, Brooklyn NYC

"As a yoga teacher with experience leading retreats worldwide, Istmo met or exceeded all my expectations"

Julia Paddison, Return Retreat Leader, King of Prussia, PA

"...they treated our group like family. Their generous hospitality is unforgettable."

Kali Kennedy, Return Retreat Leader,Tucson, AZ

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At ISTMO Yoga and Adventure Retreat, we believe that group travel with an inspirational leader has enormous transformational power. We designed our facilities and services to support you, the inspirational leader, as you enable exploration, connection and transformation in your guests.

ISTMO's jungle and beach location is ideal for intimate and exclusive retreats.  Our seven individual bungalows are comfortable and full of hidden luxuries. Other facilities include a Yoga Studio nestled in the jungle, a Walking Labyrinth, a Nature Trail, a Family Dining Area, and areas throughout the property for meetings, relaxation and meditation. Our Retreat Center has been designed to support groups of up-to 22 people in their transformational work.  

Our farm and sea to table tropical fusion cuisine is created with love by, Sean Davis, the owner and professional chef. He can accommodate for gluten-free, vegan and will happily provide substitutions for food allergies.

As the retreat leader, all you have to do is show up and share your gifts with your community.  We take care of all the nitty-gritty details, making sure you and your group are comfortable and taken care of.

We understand that each retreat is unique, to support the unique nature of your retreat we offer a wide variety of activities. Our retreat packages include a SUP (stand up paddleboard) class at our local beach, use of SUP boards and bicycles, and a closing bonfire. Additional activities include hiking the cloud forests and waterfalls, visiting the Panama Canal, exploring a local indigenous community, visiting a local artisan market, SUPing on a mountain lake, exploring the mangroves on a SUP, and of course massages and plenty of hammock and beach time! The owners will work with you to craft the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure.

If you decide to host a retreat that is open to all participants, we support you with your marketing efforts, using our platforms to spread the word about your retreat, and promote you as a teacher.

We have successfully hosted a multitude of retreats since we opened our doors. Many of our past retreat leaders were so happy with their experience at ISTMO, that they return to host subsequent retreats at our center.

Let us support you as you bridge connections and create a transformational retreat in the amazing country of Panama - the bridge of the world!

Six Easy Steps to Hosting a Retreat at Istmo.

Step One

Request our pricing and policies for Retreat Leaders - you will get an email immediately with our standard retreat-leader pricing for a 6 night retreat.

If you are looking for something longer or shorter than 6-nights, please reply to the email you received, and we will send you a customized quote.

Step Two

Reply to the email with a few options of the dates you would like to host a retreat, and any details about adjustments you would like to make to our standard package - remember each retreat is unique, and we respect that!

We will send you a personalized quote and let you know our availability. We also set up a phone-call so that we can meet each-other and answer all questions.

Step Three

Based on our conversations, we send you a Agreement where everything we have discussed is clearly outlined. This serves as a guide for us to make sure we are on the same page.

We both sign this agreement.

You make your first small payment to reserve our facilities for your dates.

Step Four

You send us your marketing materials so that we can help promote your retreat.

As participants sign up, you send them a form that captures the information we need (names, flight info, food allergies, excursion desires, etc). We will provide you with this form (or you can use your own).

Three months before the start of the retreat you send us a progress payment and confirmation of the number of rooms you will use.

Step Five

One month before the start of the retreat you send us the final payment based on the number of guests who have signed up.

Fifteen days before the start of your retreat we have a phone call to set up all the final details of your retreat including pick-up times, activities, and any special food considerations.

Step Six

Board your flight to Panama, relax, enjoy, and do your thing!

 We are here to support you as you lead a transformational retreat.  You and your guests will be in caring and loving hands from the moment you land in Panama to the moment you leave.

It will be amazing!  

Check out this video for a tour of Istmo.

You are in good company

These are some of our Return Retreat Leaders clients.


As a yoga teacher with experience leading retreats worldwide, Istmo met or exceeded all of my expectations. The chef was able to create meals to meet everyone's specific dietary requirements AND learned everyone's names (16 people) at our very first meal. Excursions were thoughtfully planned and super fun. It takes a lot for a retreat center to wow me so much that I want to return, but I will be back and CANNOT WAIT! Thanks, Istmo, for a lifetime's worth of incredible memories!

–Julia Paddison

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

What are your seasons like?

It is always warm and beautiful in Panama! :-)

Mid-December to mid-April is dry season. It does not rain then.

Late April and early May are the end of dry season, it is a transitional season, as green or rainy season is starting. So you may get dry days or rainy days.

Our favorite time of the year is June through November that is when the green / rainy season has settled in and everything is lush. It usually rains for 2 hours or less in the afternoons. During this time of the year most of the day is available for outdoor activities, and when it rains for an hour or so, it is a welcome change.

October and November, tend to be the two most rainy months of the year, but even then, it very rare that you will have an entire day with rain, just a few hours here or there... And as you may know, tropical rain is delicious, like a cool shower. ;-)

How close is a medical clinic? How far away is the closest town?

Our location is secluded but not isolated. During working hours there is an English Speaking Hospital a 15 minutes driving from our property, and after 9pm there is a 24 hour Public Hospital a 7 minute drive away. Owner Sean Davis is a trained EMT. In case of emergencies, we will personally take you to a clinic.

Most of the retreat leaders who chose our location are not looking for places with shopping and restaurants in the close vicinity. They are more interested in providing their groups with a "retreat" environment where the group is able to connect with nature and themselves, and disconnect from the daily consumerism we are bombarded with.

Our location allows teachers and students to delve into the subject matter in a beautiful and comfortable setting, while at the same time allowing for a diversity of activities and adventures during their times off.

Can you tell me about the beach – how close walking and is it rocky or sandy? Is it safe to swim?

The beach (Playa Grande) is a 5 to 8 minute walk along a rural road. It is a black and white sandy beach, if you walk 20 minutes along the beach you get to an breathtaking rocky beach (so you get both). Most of the time the beach is very safe for swimming, sometimes we get a big swell, and there is a bit of a shore break, on those rare days we are happy to organize a surf tour for your group!

What’s the safety of your facility? What’s the safety of the overall area?

We are blessed to live and run our business in a small safe rural/beach community. Our 3 friendly boxer dogs are our 24 hour security. We have not felt the need to fence in our property or to hire a security guard. General security precautions,and cultural considerations, like not leaving valuables on the beach unattended, and single women not going down to the beach too early or too late are sensible measures we ask our guests to follow.

Panama in general is a very safe country to travel in!

We look forward to sharing our slice of Paradise with you!