Host Your Own Yoga Retreat in Another Country | 5 easy Steps

"One goal on my yoga journey is to share my experience and knowledge with others, and one wonderful way to do this is to host a "yoga-cation" or yoga retreat in a foreign land. It seems impossible or out of reach but in fact, is easy and certainly obtainable for yogis and yoga teachers."


You need to find your destination. Make it easy for people to find and travel to. If it takes 3 days of travel, it may not seem realistic to everyone to attend. We chose Panama because not only does it have amazing yoga retreat centers, but it offers a tropical environment, fantastic nature and interesting culture. Everything I would love to experience while on a trip or vacation.


Plan your approach and theme. What style suits you best and who will be teaching? You or will you bring others? What would be your best retreat experience? This is another topic and article in itself but important in the planning process. This is your retreat so be sure and think of every detail. Having the details worked out make it much more appealing to others who may want to attend. It's easy for them to simply sign up.


Make a marketing plan to help recruit people. Offering a beautiful invitation is important but you can also take advantage of social media and word of mouth. Getting the word out in advance will help recruit serious participants. This takes time so plan ahead.


Reserve your retreat. Each retreat center has a maximum number so keep this in mind when marketing to the people you want to attend. Sometimes bigger isn't always better. Once you have your plan and dates in mind, simply contact the center and they will help you do the rest. This is something they do everyday and will be happy to help fill in the details and even help find flights or transportation. They have menu plans and can usually accommodate dietary needs. I researched several places in Panama and each was happy and willing to help with details.


You have your recruits, You have your destination, You have your retreat center. Now Book your flights and enjoy a blissful Yoga experience that you help create.

So there really isn't a right or wrong way to do this but I hope it got you thinking and maybe a little closer to your yoga retreat plan. It could be Mexico, Panama or even Bali. I bet you're imagining it now...Go ahead and make your yoga retreat a reality. ~ Namaste

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