How is Istmo Retreat, Panama dealing with COVID-19

We opened Istmo exactly 5 years before the date we closed (temporarily) for the Coronavirus Pandemic.  On Feb 19th, 2015 we welcomed our first group and on March 14th, 2020 we hugged our last group (for now) as they headed back to Chicago.  

Here are photos of our two bookend groups. 

And in between these two beautiful groups, we have hosted and developed deep friendships with so many amazing guests and Retreat Leaders.  As our business grew over the years, my understanding of my personal purpose grew too, and it became clear that I am here to support inspirational leaders as they enable self-exploration, connection, and transformation in their community.  

At this difficult time, I look around me and see that the retreat leaders we have worked together with at Istmo, have found a way to continue supporting their communities.  Even though they cannot physically be in touch with their folks, this has not stopped them from their commitment to support their communities with a depth of on-line resources. Here are a few of the on-line classes, seminars, workshops, etc. of some our past and future retreat leaders:






CONGRATULATIONS on your new online ventures guys!

Likewise, here at Istmo too, despite the travel restrictions we have found a way to fulfill our purpose of supporting inspirational spiritual/thought leaders as they bring about transformation in their community.  We have partnered with a dear friend (who actually was the first person ever to host a retreat here at Istmo) to offer an online Yoga Teacher Training program in Spanish – supporting him with the website, marketing efforts, and conversion of a course that has been imparted in person for years, into a rich online offering –


And we continue to stay open to inspiration for other purpose-driven ways we can support you, our family, our staff, and our community.  Yes, LOVE does always finds a way!

In the meantime, we are keeping most of our staff on, and maintaining our beautiful Istmo facilities so that when we can finally travel, explore, and be together, Istmo Retreat Center will be open and ready for you!  Stay strong, stay safe, and connect deeply with your purpose. Love has found a way!  

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Ideal Retreat Schedule

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