Explore the waterways of Panama on a Standup Paddleboard (SUP)

Most of ISTMOS week-long retreats include an Introductory SUP lesson at our local Playa Grande Beach.   This 2 hour long introductory class taught by owner, Sean Davis, is great for first-timers and beginners at SUP.

The class includes 45 minutes of guided practice stressing safety aspects and SUP techniques followed by 1 hr. and 15 minutes of supervised practice time.

The following are some of the additional SUP and Surf options we can include in your retreat package.  If will be participating in an upcoming retreat, let the retreat leader know if you are interested in one of these option.  

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Beginners SUP Excursion and SUP Yoga on a Cloud Forest Mountain Lake

A short 45 minute drive from ISTMO and you will find yourself on a beautiful Cloud Forest Mountain Lake.  Perfect for SUP Yoga, and a great location for beginners to try out their SUP legs for the first time.

This tour leaves ISTMO at 10am and returns around 3pm. 

Chame Mangroves SUP Tour in Panama
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SUP Mangrove Tour

Paddle to and around beautiful Pacific Farallon Island, nesting grounds for frigate birds and pelicans.  At lower tides, you can paddle through a cave that traverses the island.

This tour is only available from May through November, as December through April has unpredictable winds.

The tour includes a 1.5-hour paddle on the Pacific Ocean around Farallon Island and a 15 minutes drive each way.

Intermediate paddling experience required for this tour.

Panama Farallon Island Advanced Island SUP Tour
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Farallon Island SUP Tour

Our SUP Mangrove tour is one of the only and most intimate ways to experience this unique ecosystem and all of its beauty.  As you silently paddle through the mangroves you seamlessly become a part of the ecosystem, and experience its secrets.  This unique tour is tide dependent.  Although it is a low impact paddle, previous SUP experience is required.

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We have partnered with the Panama Surf School, with over 10 years of extreamly passionate experience, to offer you the best surf classes and conditions available!

Thinking about planning your own retreat or friend/family Reunion? Include some of the above Excursions in your retreat package to create a customized experience for you and your community.

The best way to experience ISTMO is by booking a retreat with one of the amazing Retreat Leaders at ISTMO.  Many of the retreats include some of the above SUP and/surf activities, or have them available as add-ons.  Contact the retreat leader to get more details.

We look forward to sharing our slice of paradise with you!

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Ideal Retreat Schedule

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