Our Food

Healthy, Homemade, Tropical, Delicious!

Food can make or break your retreat experience, and we take it seriously!

Istmo's menu has been lovingly crafted by owner and Chef Sean Davis, a graduate of a prominent cooking school in New Orleans, Louisiana. We offer a tropical fusion cuisine that blends influences from Latin America, Caribbean, India, Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Far East, Southeast Asia, Cajun, Southern US, and the Pacific Rim Islands.

Most of our meals are vegetarian or fish and seafood based; however, we can easily accommodate our guests who are gluten-free, vegan or require substitutions because of food allergies.

Our meals are created from what we have grown organically, and supplemented by what we can purchase locally. We make every effort to maintain a light carbon footprint and support local farmers and fisherman, buying the high majority of our produce and seafood within a 20-mile radius. During your morning walk, you may see us down at the beach on Playa Grande, buying the catch of the day for your dinner.

What our guests are saying:

"The biggest surprise was the food. It was some of the best food I have ever had! I would go there just to eat." - Amanda, Retreat Participant

The best way to enjoy ISTMO's famous food is to participate in an Upcoming Retreat.  Most retreats include all three meals per day.    

Our restaurant is not open to the public, meals are only for guests who are participating in a retreat.

We look forward to sharing our delicious slice of Paradise with you!

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Ideal Retreat Schedule

Ideal Retreat Schedule

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