Have you ever found yourself wishing you had more SPACE?

Our day to day lives often leave us craving for some SPACE and time to really connect with ourselves.  


The last time I really felt I had SPACE to delve deep into myself, was during my Yoga Teacher Training.  There was something so nice about being a student again, my meals were cooked for me, I got to spend my time with like-minded people, I got to study about subjects I was truly interested in, I had teachers I could go to with questions…  I had days strung together, where all I needed to do was learn about yoga, practice yoga, meditate, eat healthy food (prepared by someone else), and gently explore the transition within myself from yoga student to yoga teacher.

Today, you can get your yoga teacher training through an online program, or at your local studio over a few intensive weekends.  These are all valid and amazing options, but sometimes you just need that uninterrupted space. That SPACE is priceless.

Here at Istmo, we are constantly working to create that SPACE for YOU.  A space where you can comfortably be in contact with nature; a space where there is no pressure to shop, consume, or be something besides your genuine self; a space of no responsibilities other than exploring; a space to spend time with like-minded individuals; and a space that lets you feel supported as you grow in self-acceptance and grace.  

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Ideal Retreat Schedule

Ideal Retreat Schedule

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