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Como llegar a ser un Profesor Certificado de Yoga Iyengar

Primary Source: http://www.bksiyengar.com/

Mi casa familiar era en Pune, Maharashtra, India, el mismo pueblo donde está ubicado el Instituto Memorial de Yoga Iyengar (RIMYI), el <<corazón y alma de la Yoga Iyengar>>.  En 1993, mientras visitaba mis bisabuelos en Pune, agarré el teléfono y llamé al RIMYI.  Yo quería tomar una clase con el mismo B.K.S. Iyengar, o por lo menos uno de los profesores del instituto.  ¡Qué ingénua!  Me dijeron inmediatamente que si iba a tomar una clase en el instituto, tenía que llegar con una nota firmada por un maestro certificado de yoga Iyengar (CIYT), que decía que estaba practicando la yoga Iyengar por más de un año.

Yo no estaba cualificada para asistir a una clase de RIMYI en 1993, y 22 años después como un Profesor de Yoga Hatha, todavía no estoy cualificada…

Siempre he sentido atraída hacia la yoga Iyengar, la instrucción detallada, los maestros estrictos y con experiencia, los ajustes y el uso de props.  Durantes mis estadías cortas en Mumbai, visitando a mi familia, siempre trataba de asistir a algunas clases de yoga Iyengar.  Aparte de eso, no ha sido fácil encontrar un profesor certificado de yoga Iyengar cuyas clases podría asistir regularmente.

En la Ciudad de Panamá, tenemos la suerte desde hace unos años de tener a Alejandra Trossero, una profesora de Iyengar Nivel Introductorio II, en Fusion Panama.  Y ahora, Alicia Ramos, una profesora de yoga Iyengar certificado Intermedio Junior III, viene desde México a Panamá para liderar un retiro desde octubre 16 al 18 del 2015 en Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat en San Carlos.

¿Nivel Introductorio II? ¿Intermedio Junior III? ¿Qué significa todo esto?

Estos son los distintos niveles de certificación para profesores certificados de Iyengar, los cuales son:

  • Introductorio I y II
  • Intermedio Junior I,II y III
  • Intermedio Senior I, II y III
  • Avanzado Junior I,II y III
  • Avanzado Senior I y II

Las cualificaciones mínimas para empezar el Entrenamiento de Profesor Iyengar es:

  • Debes ser un estudiante de Yoga Iyengar por un mínimo de 3 años.
  • Estás obligado a asistir a por lo menos 3 clases por semana, y debes tener una práctica diaria.
  • Un profesor deberá determinar si eres apto para empezar el entrenamiento de ser profesor.

Una vez cualificas, ¡su entrenamiento durará 2 años!

Después de 1 año de entrenamiento, podrás asistir al examen de Nivel Introductorio I.

Después de 1 año más, podrás asistir al examen de Nivel Introductorio II.

Estará cualificado para enseñar solamente cuando ha aprobado el examen de nivel introductorio II.  Si desea seguir al próximo nivel, Intermedio Junior, deberá enseñar por 18 meses a este nivel antes de tomar el examen que sigue.

La certificación de Intermedio Junior está dividida en 3 niveles, después de esto un profesor está certificado para enseñar clases de nivel intermedio.

Podría estar practicando por el tiempo necesario, pero como está escrito en el sitio bksiyengar.com: años de práctica que le da el derecho a una certificación en particular, sino la calidad de la práctica. >>

¡Increíble! ¡Qué entrenamiento tan riguroso! ¡Y qué honor y oportunidad tan grande tener Peggy Kelly, uno de los miembros fundador

Peggy Kelly with BKS Iyengar Iyengar Yoga in Panama
Peggy Kelly with BKS Iyengar

del Iyengar Yoga Association del Estados Unidos y el fundador de Austin Yoga Institute, aquí en Panamá!

Fuente Principal:  http://www.bksiyengar.com/

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Goddess Retreat for Women
Retreat Hosting Tips

Host Your Own Retreat

Whether you are looking for a retreat for your yoga class, the leadership team of your organization, an overnight birthday celebration, a family or college reunion, or a photography or meditation workshop; Istmo is ready to help facilitate an unforgettable experience for your group. 

Here are 7 easy step to hosting a retreat here at Istmo:

1.  Decide when you want to bring your group.

Send us an email, to ask us about our rates.  We offer rates based on length of the retreat and time of the year.  Our Peak Season is November 1 to Easter and Green Season (lower rates) is April 15 to October 30.  Our retreat rates include:

  • 5 or more nights Accommodations in our beautiful bungalows
  • Three healthy vegetarian meals per day.  We can accommodate vegan and gluten-free diets, and are also happy to serve fresh seafood for some meals.
  • Aiport Tranfer.
  • Tea and water available throughout the day
  • Housekeeping
  • Use of facilities including the yoga studio and props, common room, lounge areas, gardens and labyrinth, and nature trail.
  • Applicable sales and hotel taxes.
  • And a lot more – check out details HERE.

(Airport transfer and any other activities may be added for an additional fee.)

2.  Consider how many people you want to bring.

Our retreat center has capacity to house up-to 22 people (2 single rooms, 2 double rooms, 4 quad rooms).

The organizer of the retreat always stays, eats, and plays for free!

3.  Contact us to check availability and reserve your retreat dates

To secure your reservation, we accept deposits on a per-room basis. We require a $1,050 deposit to book our facilities for your dates.

4. Plan your approach and theme

Consider if you would like to add additional activities to your retreat. We will work with you on the pricing of the retreat based on the number of participants.  With our personalized attention and a wide variety of activities, we can tailor your retreat to your specific needs.

5.  Consider your teacher mark-up

Feel confident to mark up your package prices to consider your cost of doing business, correspondence with potential participants, planning/preparing etc.  Teachers mark ups generally range between $200-$1,000 per person.  Don’t cut yourself short!

6.  Make a marketing plan to recruit people

We are happy to help by posting your retreat on our webpage and social media sites.

7.  Book your flights and let us take care of the rest!

With non-stop flights from nearly 30 separate airports in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Dubai, our retreat center is easy to reach from most anywhere.

For more information on how we can work with you to create the retreat of a lifetime for you and your group, please drop us a line and we’ll send you all the details.  To expedite the process please let us know the number of participants, the activities you are interested in, food requirements, the length of your stay, and some possible dates.

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Delicious Tropical Fusion Vegetarian Food.
Why Istmo?

Our Food

Healthy, Homemade, Tropical, Delicious!

Food can make or break your retreat experience, and we take it seriously!

Istmo's menu has been lovingly crafted by owner and Chef Sean Davis, a graduate of a prominent cooking school in New Orleans, Louisiana. We offer a tropical fusion cuisine that blends influences from Latin America, Caribbean, India, Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Far East, Southeast Asia, Cajun, Southern US, and the Pacific Rim Islands.

Most of our meals are vegetarian or fish and seafood based; however, we can easily accommodate our guests who are gluten-free, vegan or require substitutions because of food allergies.

Our meals are created from what we have grown organically, and supplemented by what we can purchase locally. We make every effort to maintain a light carbon footprint and support local farmers and fisherman, buying the high majority of our produce and seafood within a 20-mile radius. During your morning walk, you may see us down at the beach on Playa Grande, buying the catch of the day for your dinner.

What our guests are saying:

"The biggest surprise was the food. It was some of the best food I have ever had! I would go there just to eat." - Amanda, Retreat Participant

The best way to enjoy ISTMO's famous food is to participate in an Upcoming Retreat.  Most retreats include all three meals per day.    

Our restaurant is not open to the public, meals are only for guests who are participating in a retreat.

We look forward to sharing our delicious slice of Paradise with you!

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Panama Yoga Retreat Center with Studio set in the Jungle.
Why Istmo?


Facilities at Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat

When you join a retreat you are investing in “treating” yourself.  Every detail at ISTMO is designed with your comfort and connection to nature in mind.  We are a retreat center with hidden luxuries that showcases and embraces nature rather than upstaging it.

Panama Yoga Studio set in the Jungle.

Yoga Studio

Our retreat center features a beautiful 860 square foot yoga studio.  The studio is surrounded by nature, has a jungle stream running around it, features beautiful tropical hardwood floors, and is filled with love.  Our studio is fully equipped with yoga mats, yoga blankets, straps, blocks, yoga chairs, bolsters, and a life size anatomy skeleton for Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTTs).

Tiffany Group March 2020

Family Dining Area

Our family dining area with an adjoining bar overlooks the property. You feel like you are eating your meals on the tree tops – surrounded by nature.  Our fully equipped bar was created from reclaimed dug out canoes and ready to serve up delicious fruit smoothies, cold beer, wine, and cocktails.

IMG 1863
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Sunrise on Playa Grande Beach Istmo Retreat scaled
IMG 0709

Playa Grande Beach

We are a 5-minute walk to a secluded beautiful beach.  As you approach the beach, the last 2 minutes of the walk are through a jungle trail with the warm tropical Pacific Ocean waiting for you. Something that attracted the owners to the area is the miles of black and white sand beach that has plenty of natural shade from the rainforest that grows close to the water’s edge. The beach is a great swimming beach and almost always calm. If you wake up early you can see the sunrise over the ocean and the local fisherman and lobster fishermen bringing in the catch of the day. You may run into the Istmo staff buying your dinner.  The beach is also a nesting ground for marine turtles that come to these shores once a year to lay their eggs.


Hammock, Meditation and Relaxation Areas

Our property is dotted with areas, including our main rancho, that are perfect to relax or meditate in silence.  These areas are always open to our guests.  The main rancho has wi-fi access.

WhatsApp Image 2021 08 17 at 4.48.35 PM

Labyrinth and Humanity Trail

Our property has a short hiking trail through the forest and around the spring fed pond that is home to a family of dwarf caimans (no swimming please :-)). The trail winds through 7 different stations with inspirational quotes about tolerance and compassion.  Ideals that the owners embrace.  Perfect for birdwatching.  Keep your eyes out of the tamarin monkeys and other wildlife that live in the area!

Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice used by many different faiths for contemplation, prayer, and spiritual centering. Entering the serpentine path of a labyrinth, the walker walks slowly while quieting their mind and focusing on a spiritual question or prayer.

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Beautiful Tropical Beaches of Panama
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Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) Boards

We have a fleet of SUP boards to accommodate your Stand-up-paddle boarding needs. Our boards are perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers and are “all around boards” made to tour the open ocean, practice on flat water lagoons, explore mangroves, tour lakes and practice SUP yoga.

Most week-long retreats include an SUP class at the Playa Grande beach, and unlimited use of the SUP boards.

Check out this video to get a better idea of our facilities.
We look forward to sharing our slice of paradise with you!
Host a retreat your students can't stop raving about 
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Request our Pricing, Availalbity, and Terms and Conditions of Service

treat yourself to one of our upcoming retreats
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Re"treat" yourself in Paradise! 

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