Yoga and Massage

Take some time for yourself...

If taking a yoga class or getting a massage is your thing, we got you covered!  

Yoga Classes

Love Yoga?  We highly recommend you check out our Upcoming Retreat Calendar and join one of our amazing retreat leaders on a transformational journey.


Another great way to take some time for yourself during your retreat at Istmo is is to experience the benefits of a luxurious massage.  Our massage therapist are highly trained and will communicate with you to make sure they adjust the massage to your needs.  Massages at Istmo are $60/hour.

If yoga and massage is not your thing, we understand - no one is forcing you to take a yoga class or get a massage here at Istmo.

However, we do encourage you to take some time out for yourself, walk our humanity trail, take a dip in the ocean, walk down the miles of beach, lounge on a hammock, or spend just a little longer in meditation...

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treat yourself to one of our upcoming retreats
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Re"treat" yourself in Paradise! 

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Ideal Retreat Schedule

Ideal Retreat Schedule

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